Consulting Service for Medical Doctors and Dentists

Datax Troisdorf

Medical doctors and dentists are quite a unique group of clients for a Consultancy. Because they pursue liberal professions they don’t have to submit conventional balance sheets but a simplified profit and loss account. Furthermore medical services aren’t subject to value-added tax. So why is this occupational group a particular challenge for consultants? Medical doctors and dentists usually need very high fixed assets to practise successfully!


These investment requirements increase along with the growing competition for patients, who have become more demanding regarding praxis equipment. Of course medical-technical improvements also demand significant financial commitment. It is the question whether one depreciates these substantial investments degressively or linearly that defines tax burden or tax relief in the medium- and long-term.

Our firm will also provide advice regarding possibilities for public investment promotion. We can undertake negotiations with credit institutes regarding optimal financing, consistent with your practice profile. Another risk that requires professional consultancy: Many practices offer medical-related services that are indeed subject to value-added tax. Without professional advice you might risk high subsequent payments.


More Fields of Consulting in the Context of Free Health Professions

We provide assistance regarding the arrangement of private tax burden and support you with capital investments and retirement provisions. As a specialized consultancy for medical doctors we can show you which external financing and funding opportunities you can claim for your practice. We will look after your financial footing most carefully so you are able to devote yourself to your practice and patients.