External Audit and legal Remedy


Tax consultant and Economics graduate Alexander Pyzalski follows up the accounting and balance sheets of companies intensively since the middle of the nineties. As an expert he’s often consulted externally to prepare balance reports and valuation of properties that are submitted to local courts and notaries. Long-standing and successfully he represents his clients in cases of conflict with finance authorities and – if necessary – in finance court. Clients of our firm can rely on these experiences if an external audit has been scheduled for their company. In a confidential meeting we’ll discuss where your company might be vulnerable. On the basis of your documents we will seek potential points of criticism. You’ll have to be alert to unpleasant questions by the inspector: He will have gone through previous annual statements and external audits of your company. He might have scheduled the audit because he thinks that the income you indicated doesn’t match your lifestyle.

You will face the audit far more relaxed if you have gone through relevant aspects in advance together with your tax consultant. We develop a checklist with profound answers to questions that might come up during the external audit. You will receive the result of the audit in a final discussion. With some negotiating experience it might be possible to reach workable compromises in favour of the taxpayer in this context. That is why it’s so important to develop a negotiation strategy preliminary to this final discussion. This also helps to sound out achievable options and to adapt to the expectable height of the additional tax payment in good time. Together with your tax consultant you can also discuss the option of instalment payment. We can go through all options to defend your interests against the finance authorities – from legal remedy to finance court. Of course we will also inform you about possible penal consequences and strategies regarding how to avoid these consequences in the most effective way. We stand up for your rights.