Consulting Service for Companies

Datax Troisdorf

Strategically reasoned consulting for companies is an important specialisation of our firm. From a tax point of view important decisions have to be made during the founding stage of a company. This starts with the legal structure of your corporation: GmbH, GbR, KG or Aktiengesellschaft? The answer to this question has consequences for taxation, tax planning and financial management. Of course this also applies to changes of the legal structure during ongoing operation. Tax advisor Alexander Pyzalski, graduate of Economics at the University of Cologne, bears in mind all economic activities beyond tax issues. You can also find well-founded advice concerning strategical questions – from business plan to business intelligence.


A significant field of consulting is the Accounting Law Modernization Act, which has to be applied since the financial year 2010. It’s against the background of these changes that one needs to consider whether a company is well positioned.

Our experts look after the accounting of individual companies, partnerships as well as capital companies and provide continuous analyses, so decision-makers in your company have in view decisive financial parameters all the time. In parallel the Datax GmbH monitors whether there are any double bookings or accounting errors. This way we help avoiding expensive mistakes within cash management. The structure of the economic evaluation can be adjusted to the special requirements of decision-makers if this is wanted. Depending on our clients’ requirements we also undertake financial and payroll accounting.


Another significant field of consulting is sales tax. This might relate to the question, whether a company should opt for actual or for target taxation. It’s obvious that this question has significant impact on liquidity.

The Datax GmbH has been consulting international companies for many years now. The focus has been on companies from Scandinavia as well as the emerging economies of Central and East Europe with a main focus on Russia. Our authorized signatory Katharina Tiessen has Russian language competence and professional insight into the economic and social system of the country. The Datax GmbH offers a holistic consultancy approach in this field which answers all questions regarding the establishment and successful presence of economic actors from all over the world within the Federal Republic of Germany. International companies that want to become active here are confronted with highly different tax systems. One has to reconcile national rules and to avoid double taxation.

The Datax GmbH also advises foreign companies regarding important questions beyond tax issues. We inform you about the preconditions of a foundation and possibilities for start-up support. We provide help concerning the registration of your business, the design of GmbH-contracts or the opening of an account to deposit the capital stock of your new company. We do provide assistance regarding start-up support, founding loans or visa as well as residency and work permits.

Datax Troisdorf